About MotorSports Of Olympia

Motorsports of Olympia first opened its doors in June of 2002. With no official dealership experience, we took on the task of renovating an old building which had been in the family for years. Lee's Restaurant was purchased in the 1960's by the grandmother of John Gylys (owner) and ran successfully until 1986 when it closed for renovation. The remodel did not come until 2001 when an eager dad and two enthusiastic sons decided to open up a Yamaha dealership. With a still unfinished building, we luckily found an open space across the street which housed the dealership for six months. It has been awhile since we rolled bikes across the street from one shop to another, but we continue to see growth and expansion as time goes on. In October of 2007, we added our second line of high quality off road and street motorcycles made by KTM. Be sure to stop by and see what's new at Motorsports of Olympia!

Yamaha MotorSports Of Olympia
6807 Martin Way E. Olympia WA 98516
Phone: 360-438-2997 Fax: 360-455-9731